The 21st International Conference on

Bioinformatics (InCoB2022)

November 21-23, 2022 VIRTUAL This event is organized by CBRC in partnership with APBioNET

Sahika Inal

Associate Professor, Bioengineering, KAUST


​Dr. Inal's research is in the area of bioelectronics. Her research interests cover organic electronic materials and devices that can address research and clinical health monitoring and therapy needs. She is particularly interested in ionic-electronic conduction in organic electronic materials and explores the potential of these materials for recording small biological signals and modulating biological events. She aims to design electronic devices that can efficiently interface with the human body. She has been involved in projects on (i) the design of a polymer-based optical sensor for fast diagnostics of pathogens, (ii) a conducting polymer scaffold for 3D cell culture, (iii) integrating lipid bilayers with electrochemical transistors and (iv) the development of an electrophoretic device embedded with sensing components that stops epileptiform activity through localized drug delivery. 

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Keynote Talk - Organic Electronics for Disease Diagnosis
08:35 AM

Session Chair: Prof. Robert Hoehndorf

Sahika Inal

Associate Professor, Bioengineering, KAUST