Bio-Hackathon MENA 2023

Why should I participate in Bio-Hackathon-MENA?

The participants will set up and kick off collaborations among themselves and obtain substantial progress in their projects during the hacking/coding sessions in the Bio-Hackathon.

The participants will be able to publish their outcomes from these collaborations in the JBMS (Journal of Biomedical Semantics) under a special theme, "Bio-Hackathon-MENA", if their submitted manuscripts satisfy the standards for research papers in the JBMS, including originality, and novelty.


Can you provide me with details on the model of the Bio-Hackathon-MENA?

The Bio-Hackathon–MENA event is open globally for international participants. We especially encourage women researchers and researchers from the MENA region to attend.

The Bio-Hackathon–MENA is a 5 full-day event. The first day covers presenting a number of selected projects and teaming up for their implementations. The remaining 4 days cover the performance of the ideas during hacking/coding sessions. Bio-Hackathon-MENA aims to create scientific software and resources for the benefit of the Bioinformatics community. Therefore, the outcome of this event will be free/open-source software, resources, and scientific publications. 


Who can submit projects?

Individuals or teams with a scientific, engineering or technical background from anywhere in the World can submit a project.

Individual or team members, please make sure that you are registered on our platform.


Can I submit multiple projects to the Bio-Hackathon-MENA?

You can submit only one project.


How many projects will be selected?

20 projects will be selected.


How will my project be evaluated?

The projects will be evaluated based on the following questions:

  • Is it relevant to Bioinformatics?
  • Is it relevant to the Middle East?
  • Is it practical to achieve within the timeframe of the hackathon?


I have submitted a project, but it was not selected. May I still attend?



How many teams can I join?

You can join as many teams as you like.


Is there any travel grant for participation?

We will fully fund the top 20 participants with projects 


Is there any registration/attendance fee?



Is it a competition and will there be prizes?