Bio-Hackathon MENA 2023

The event will take place at KAUST Hotel.


How to reach KAUST?

KAUST is located in Thuwal, which is one hour north of Jeddah. Jeddah’s King Abdulaziz Airport is accessible from many main international airports including Frankfurt, London, New York, and Washington DC. There are no local bus services to KAUST.


By KAUST Taxi:

There are two Taxi companies in KAUST. You can contact them directly to arrange your travel.

SAPTCO   Working Hours (24/7) Landline - 012 8085616 & 012 8085617

Hanco     Working Hours (24/7) Landline - 012 8085647 – 8001166611 HancoTransport@KAUST.EDU.SA


By non-KAUST taxi:

If you would like to come with a non-KAUST taxi (they cannot pass the security gate), you will be dropped off at the visitor center which is not within the walking distance of the hotel. You will need to order an on-demand bus to reach any point in KAUST.  For this purpose you can download the recap app


By your own car:

Note that you need access approval if you are coming with your own car. 


Please email


How to pass the KAUST security gate?

Each visitor has to obtain a gate access pass before arriving at KAUST. Visitors without a gate pass cannot enter KAUST.  Please email to apply for a gate pass.


Where to stay?


The only hotel available in KAUST is Al-Khozama:

 For booking the accommodation kindly communicate with the Al-Khozama hotel reservation   team directly at


Otherwise, you can book any hotel in Jeddah and arrange your travel to KAUST  by taxi.